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The 2010 Anglo-Argentinian Broad Peak Expedition was a small, independent team consisting of two climbers, Nacho from Argentina and Andy from the UK. Together they attempted to climb Broad Peak (8047m) in the Karakoram Mountains of Northeastern Pakistan. The third member of the team was Clare, also from the UK. She left the team to teach both children and adults in the village of Machulu in the Hushe Valley. You can see her photographs here.



imageWorking through most of July, the team established camps up to just over 7000m on the mountain. However, they were unable to make a summit bid due to the bad weather, the worst for at least 80 years, that hit Pakistan at the beginning of August.

You can read Andy's expedition diary here.


The Talis disaster

imageWhile Andy and Nacho were climbing, Clare, working with a Spanish NGO funded by the Felix Baltistan Foundation, became involved in the relief of Talis, a village close to Machulu, which was hit by a massive flood and landslide on August 7th. Photographs of the devastation can be seen here.


Expedition progress

imageDuring the expedition the team sent back daily SMS and occasional email updates of their progress to this website. The messages are archived here.


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